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Facility Audits

 Site visits are conducted to determine which sports and age levels your sales efforts should focus on and why. We take a hard look at how current facilities can be modified or improved to make them more productive. If your destination is considering new facilities we’ll evaluate what sports in your region will produce an increase in room nights and explain why.

Strategic Planning

We have written and executed many strategic plans for a variety of organizations, including sports commissions, throughout the years. We lead planning sessions focused on annual goal development and the tools and tactics needed to reach those measurable goals. Our experience in the sports event travel industry can benefit your destination’s future development.

Economic Impact

Our reports will include estimates on the potential, total number of annual events and direct visitor spending your destination’s budget can handle so you can select the best methods moving forward and growth from year to year.

We conduct event economic impact studies for sports commissions, national governing bodies and event rights holders annually; we’ve assisted in creating economic impact models and have made many presentations at seminars, conferences, Universities and Colleges on the subject. Our industry involvement includes the understanding of direct visitor spending, multipliers, variety of travel behavior based on different sports and age groups and potential return on investment from several tactical approaches. 

Advertising and Marketing

With 20 years experience in the sports tourism industry, our accumulated knowledge can assist you in the development of your marketing plan and its specific advertising elements. We’ll discuss the types of media to consider, how to evaluate circulation and timing of media buys and decide upon the best scenario for your sales approach and review and recommend direction for your advertising content.